Subsurface Salvation

· First Person Shooter Project at The Game Assembly
· Project Group: Ghost Ocean
· Team Size: 4 Programmers, 5 Artists, 2 Level Designers, 2 Technical Artists
· Development Duration: 10 weeks half-time
· Engine: In-House 3D Engine

My Contribution
· Balancing of all Enemies through XML
· Tweaking of Movement and Attack Animation Speed through XML
· Balancing of all Weapons and Projectiles through XML
· Tweaking of all Pick-ups through XML
· Basic Layout for Level 01
· Some Prop Dressing for Level 01
· Placing of all Triggers and Events for all Levels
· Placing of some Lights in all Levels
· Optimization of Lights in all Levels
· Minor Tweaking of Props in the Menu Scene
· Extensive Play Testing and Bug Hunting
· Some Collision Meshes for Props
· Music Selection
· Writing Dialogues
· Planning of Game Play and Features

· Notepad++
· Custom Level Editor in Autodesk Maya
· Autodesk Maya
· Google Docs
· Adobe Photoshop