Rain of Reflections


Story- and character-focused RPG with noire storytelling and mood, in a futuristic cyberpunk setting. Rain of Reflections tells its noire-esque story through three protagonists, two of which are female. The player is encouraged to explore the detailed, atmospheric city, but there’s no grinding and no repetition – not even in combat. Every choice has a consequence. The player is forced to live with them.


  • · Developer: Lionbite Games
    · Duration: 15 months as a Level- and Game Designer
  • · Engine: Unity 5

My Contribution

· Level Design
Scripting player interactions, puzzles, dialogues, cutscenes, door animations and transitions between levels through node-based scripting.

Pre-production of paper planning, designing event flow, enemy patrol routes, focal points, whiteboxing, camera-  placements and behaviours.

Regular iteration passes after feedback and bugs.

Collaboration with Artists and Game Director to ensure Environment Art fits overall vision, layout and player interactions.

Maintaining a high standard of “game feel” by adding small improvements throughout with scripted movement nudges between camera changes, exits, stairs, balancing and optimization of navigational mesh.

· Game Design
Designing balanced core mechanics, features and enemy A.I. for a combat-system.

Writing, iterating technical design documents, mockups for visual feedback, readability and maintaining each document up to date.

Paper-prototyping gameplay combat features before implementation.

Collaboration with Game Designers, Programmers and the Game Director before and after Implementations and Iterations to ensure features fits the overall vision and gameplay.

· Pipeline
Constant dialogue between programmers about custom tools that help designers work more efficiently.

Streamlined the sound implementation pipeline together with sound designer.

Iterated existing Design pipeline with templates for making new documents and introduced new efficient tools.

Developed a bug-tracking tool in Google Spreadsheet together with programmers.

Introduced the team to SCRUM Stand Ups, 10 min meetings each day, where each individual tells the whole team which task they worked on the day before and are currently working on.

Tools Used

· Unity 5 Editor
· Custom Visual Scripting Tool
· Custom Dialogue Tool
· Custom Camera Tool
· ProCore 3D ProBuilder for Unity
· Atlassian JIRA
· Atlassian Confluence
· Trello
· Google Docs
· Adobe Photoshop
· Adobe InDesign